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We are currently hard at work rehearsing a bunch of new material for our forthcoming 3rd studio album. We currently have 15 songs in the melting pot. Most of the tracks are brand new - and some have already been aired at recent gigs -  but some are older tracks which never made it to officially recorded versions and we felt they deserved their chance. What subsequently tumbles out the other end is currently up in the air but, rest assured, it will have loud guitars on it.

With all this work going into the new album, it goes some way to explaining why we haven't been our usual prolific selves on the gigging scene of late - both locally and further afield. There are gigs in our diary but we haven't been actively pushing ourselves out there. All focus is currently on whipping the new album int
o shape. 

Keep your eyes peeled on our gigs page for any forthcoming shows and, as soon as we have any further news on progress with the album we will deliver it here there and everywhere.


The Pirates xxxx

25th May 2023

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