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Peerless PiratesUnder normal circumstances, we wouldn't countenance the very idea of giving anything away for free especially as we probably stole it from you in the first place. However, to acknowledge the special day that is "International Talk Like A Pirate Day" we present to you a bejewelled Pirate gift in the shape of a free track taken from our debut EP "Thieves & Miscreants". The track is called "The Ghost Of Captain Kidd" which tells glowingly of his innocence before he was unceremoniously hoisted in a gibbet above the Thames.

To get this gem all you need to do is provide us with your details for the mailing list.

You need not worry. We won't pillage your identity and sell it to other Pirates for our own ill gotten gain.

Latest demo

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Latest demo

Thieves & Miscreants

The new EP from Peerless Pirates - buy the CD from here or download from

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